Luna Blues

The Mercer case

Mercer Case
Received: Friday, 5th of August
Completed: Pending

Find Randolf Mercer who has gone missing.

David & Helena - 5000 crowns
Jack & Marie - 7500 crowns

Randolf Mercer
Age - 38-40
Job - Head of Security, Pinnacle
Description - Short, stocky, brown hair (capitol)
Adress - Apollo Landing, Lesser Mars, F 73 Apt. 5b

Alex Wei
Age - 40-45
Job - Nightclub owner, Downside Risk
Description - Mishiman, black hair (slightly grey)
Adress - Unknown

David & Helena Mercer (claimed)
Age - Unknown
Job - Unknown
Description - Can’t remember
Adress - Unknown

Jack & Marie Mercer (claimed)
Age - Unknown
Job - Commercials (Jack)
Description - Unknown
Adress - Unknown

Randolf felt like he was being stalked shortly before he disappeared (David & Helena Mercer)
Been gone for a day or two (David & Helena Mercer)
Been gone for several weeks, was meant to go on holiday on Venus with family. (Jack & Marie Mercer)
Randolf had been involved in somewhat shady business venture with Alex Wei prior to disappearance (Jack & Marie Mercer)
Randolfs apartment has been trashed prior to our arrival. Two men in dark suits attacked us when we investigated the apartment. (Keppel & Bai Lei)
Apartment contained notes, video tape, matchbox and ID-card.
ID-Card names Randolf as head of security at the Pinnacle.
Notes: Ask Mrs. Philips (15th floor) RE petty cash
Get film developed, talk to newspaper RE photos of VP & Dog
Aeterna formula files kept in managers office.
Ask Alex about dosages.
Matchbox originates from nightclub “Downside Risk”.
Video tape contained film of Director Victor Preston along with two females (prostitutes) doing improper things.
These exact photos are in several newspapers, wherein Victor Preston’s sexual scandals are revealed.
Darling was stalked by a black car, Sach 9000 GL. Belongs to Bauhaus (Derek Dillinger Darling).
Turns out Randolf Mercer does not have any living family.
The two couples have changed their requests, David & Helena want Randolf dead, and they are offering a far higher price (I believe it was 50 000 crowns). Jack & Marie want Randolf alive at all costs and are offering (I believe) 20 000 crowns.
Alex Wei’s thugs has attacked our office, blowing up Bai Lee’s office whilst yelling “Alex Wei sends his regards”.
After Elizabeth & Adam infiltrated the Downside Risk (using Elizabeth’s friend Maria) they discovered Alex Wei’s calender, in which they found the following meeting.
“Meet with Mercer, other at Pinnacle”. Dated for the following day.

Party decided to investigate cellar of Downside Risk.
Found captive named Ryan.
Together with Ryan the party found a secret door that led down to a underground complex.
In the complex they fought several human enemies along with a non-human being.
The humans all wore amulets with the Dark Legion symbol (they are most likely heretics)
Also encountered Randolf Mercer and Alex Wei. They ran away before contact was made.
Randolf Mercer and Alex Wei both wore the same robes that the other humans did, implying that they are also heretics.
Party also found confidential files in a chapel belonging to the underground complex.
Files seem to have something to do with “Aeterna”.

Metal Keysx3
Metal Box (contained notepad and videotape)
ID-card - Randolf Mercer, head of security
Matchbox (Downside Risk)
Photox2 (Both Mercers) - Randolf Mercer & Alex Wei outside of Jeffrey GRHS Spaceport
Downside Risk keys.
Alex Wei’s calendar.
Heretic Amulet.
Confidential papers (found in underground chapel, below Downside Risk)



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